Time is on your side…YES IT IS!

In a city with a crappy reputation for cabs --- stands out as better than all of them, particularly for early morning [author embolded] pick-ups.

I thought this cab company was really legit.  I've used it multiple times…I called first for a really early flight and asked them to come to my place at 4am.  They were on time and even came a little earlier and called and let me know they were outside. That was really cool as I was worried they wouldn’t show up.  I've also randomly rode in one after a night at the bar and I remember they were pretty cool.  Good cab company!

"It'll be under 15 minutes"…You know I was hesitant. How many of you have heard that line calling for a cab?...Mmm…hmmm…I know, me too. Then you're waiting 14 minutes…15…16…25…36…45 minutes…F***! But, in just 10 glorious minutes later…ON TIME for where I gotta be at 5:40AM…you kept your promise.

I called last night for an early AM pick up to go downtown (I do this a lot for work with xxx cab), but since…it’s such a small trip, they wouldn't book it and said to call back in the AM (had I been going to the airport or something, they would have booked). I did and had a very pleasant trip downtown. 

I don't take cabs often, but when I have a 0600 flight there isn't much choice. I haven't had all the bad experiences other[s] have with cabs not showing up (in the few early morning airport runs I've done since moving to SF 3 months ago). All that said, I was happy with ---. I called the night before for a cab at 0430. The dispatcher was quick and to the point, but accurate. When I walked outside at 0425 the cab was there, the driver was friendly and talkative, but not too talkative for the early hour. Everything was smooth, and --- is now my first choice for early morning airport runs…6 months later, I am happy to report that every time I have called for an --- cab it has been early, friendly and reliable. I have become confident that the cab will show up whether at 400 or 0630, and more than likely be 10 minutes early - to the point I'm not asking for the cab 15 minutes before I really want them.

Every time I have an early morning flight out of SFO I call --- Cab. I book my cab the night before, and they are always on time (even when I'm not!). The drivers are nice, help me with my bags, drive quickly but safely, and are always pleasant (no weird smells or bad music at 5am). Two weeks ago I was going to Philly and I ordered a cab for 5AM. It happened to be 12:30AM. The guy on the phone took down my info and said "Get some sleep. We'll see you in a few hours". I'm sorry but this made me smile, when was the last time you spoke with a friendly dispatch person at the other cab companies that actually told you to get some rest? It was just a nice polite comment, and I appreciated it.

Friendly guy on the phone in my call ahead for an early morning pickup to go to the airport.  Taxi was right on time and the driver was friendly…helped me with my bag as well.

I've had 3 early appointments in the last two weeks that I required/
indulged in taxis for. --- Cab was 3/3 in on-time pickups, and I appreciated that they call as they approach. The last driver, a female (1 of 2 I know they employ), even came to the door when I didn't answer. In some cities such consistent service might be standard operations, in San Francisco it's a downright miracle. The drivers all gave me the option to choose my course, and the one I deferred to knew an address all the way across town down to the block on approach. The rates aren't up to them, obviously, but I liked that they all seemed to know the city, drive safely but with intent, and were pleasant to talk to…

I took --- cab to the airport for a 7:00 AM flight. I usually take the BART, but this flight was way early! We called the night before and booked the cab for 5:40AM.  5:20 AM - I get a call from the cab stating he was outside.  Driver: "I'm here and will be waiting outside."  Me, still getting my shit together, thinking: It's, 5:40. Half asleep, and anxious: "Sure great, what time is it?"  Driver: "It's 5:20. I got here early."  20 minutes of last minute packing and we are in the cab. 15 minutes in the cab and we are at SFO. The driver was nice, early, and drove like a normal person. Tell the dispatcher you want to use a credit card and they will arrange a car with a credit card swiper…

I'm currently sitting waiting for a flight at SFO courtesy of the prompt, courteous and efficient service of --- Cab. I suddenly realized I hadn't booked transport for me and the OH to get out here, so I called at 2pm for a 3pm pick-up, and lo and behold at 2:50 the cab was outside the door.  We went down at 3 to discover a charming, friendly driver, on whom I took pity in loading the car - one of our bags was *very* heavy, and she wasn't very big. She chatted amiably and intelligently (unusual!) along the way, but left us to chat to each other when it was obvious we wanted to, and had us safely at our destination inside thirty minutes.

--- cab is…Five stars! Clean, nice drivers, helpful, punctual, relaxing (since we took the cab at 4:00AM to SFO)

…they actually dispatched an xxx cab, but they came to my house, it was a timed pick-up, 11 am on a Wednesday and took me to work in Oakland.  No fuss, friendly driver clean cab, came on time.  Unremarkable, really, the way a cab ride should be. A nice change.

These guys have been utterly reliable, which is GOLD in my book.  I frequently use taxis to go to the airport at the crack of dawn, and I always know --- will be there. (Not always true of SF cab companies, in my unhappy experience.) I also love that when I call dispatch the night before they know from my caller ID that it's me, and where to pick me up. Oh, I've found the taxis to be clean, the drivers to be polite, etc.  But at 4:30AM, that's secondary.

I've always been wary of reviewing cab companies given how volatile the quality of service can be…But, based on my 3 experiences with --- thus far, I figured that they are deserving of a good rating from me. I first took notice of them when one cab let me and a group of obnoxious friends squish into his car from Haight to the outer Richmond, which totaled a mere $9 or so. They withstood another test when I arranged for an early-morning pickup which arrived on time, though he took me to a Bart station that was further away than the one I requested. I still made it on time though. They definitely won me over this weekend when I woke up dazed at a friend's place at 5am and had to get to my car by 7 (***-damned street cleaning). I called and a car arrived within about 2 whopping minutes. I explained that I only had a certain amount of cash and asked if I could use a card, but he assured me that it would work out fine. In the end the fare was already $4 over what I had on hand, but he didn't mind and happily took it. Great! No bad experiences yet, so they'll stay in my phone book.

After reading…reviews for this company, I was eager to use them to bring me to SFO for an early morning flight.  I sent an email and left a voice msg and got reassuring confirmation that yes, the driver named "xxx" would pick me up at 5:15AM. Forward to the morning of my trip:  it is 5:15AM, no cab.  5:20 - still no cab. Finally I call the number, answered by a dispatcher who apparently handles off-hour calls for --- Cab and other cab companies.  The dispatcher said that he would send out another cab being that the --- guy didn't show up.  In about 8 minutes, a "xxx" cab did show up…and I had to laugh because not only was it not "---,"…but at least I got to the airport in time. The --- driver was friendly and calm in a pre-morning coffee sort of way.  He told me that the dispatcher was an "old ex-Marine who took his job seriously."  Well, I would give five stars to that dispatcher, because he was concerned about a customer and was quick to solve the problem at hand. I'm sure --- Cab would have been a fine experience, had they shown up.  But I'm giving them two stars because even though they didn't show up themselves, they had a damned good dispatcher to save the day.

Came quickly, 10min on a Sun night, don't do timed pickups (like a normal car service = weak sauce). Took us to see Matisyahu at the Warfield so we didn't have to drive or leave our car near very unsavory characters…

AUTHOR NOTE: The time of day, and to a lesser extent, day of the week is an important factor in on time service delivery.

I've never had a problem grabbing a --- cab for my early morning commute on Monday morning from SoMa to SFO. Friendly dispatcher that picks up quickly, they remember your number and speed up the dispatch process, and the cab is there right when you need it. And I've never had any problems with a bad cabbie or a bad cab, every ride has been smooth and uneventful (probably a good thing for a cab ride early in the morning). As a bonus, I met the same cabbie enough times on my morning commute that he gave me his number and we set up a regular pickup deal. Well done ---.

AUTHOR NOTE: The rider above has developed an ideal solution for a person who has a repeating need for taxi service at a particular time at a particular place. This is less likely to work if your regular need is on a Friday or a Saturday night.