Time is not on your side…NO IT AIN’T!

I need to add a star to --- Cab's formerly-measly score. On Saturday night around 6:30 PM, I called --- Cab when xxx Cab wouldn't pick up (will probably need to reduce their score too!). Here's how the conversations went:

Me: Hi, I'd like to order a cab.
---: Where…it will probably be about 10 to 15 minutes. If we are not there in 15, call us back.
Me: Grrrr... okay, I hope they can come faster than that!
Literally 1.5 minutes later, I hear a honk outside my apartment. I almost didn't go to look because I figured it definitely wasn't a cab. But, then it was a cab! However, it was…not ---...
Me: Are you a --- cab?
Cabbie: Their dispatch system connects to us and I was nearby.
Me: So, you're not a --- cab? Are you the cab I called?
Cabbie: …Yes, I am your cab.

So I was thrilled to get a cab so quickly but fairly confused about the one I got…

--- Cab…You are a nightmare…I call at 9pm for a cab. They tell me a cab should be arriving in 10 minutes. 20 minutes later I call again. They state a cab should be arriving in 10 minutes. We went outside in the cold because it is our friend’s birthday and her party starts at 10. It’s now 9:40. We call again, they say ten minutes. One few minutes later I get a call from --- cab. It’s an automatic message, not even a real person, stating they have no cabs and can’t come get us. We had waited an hour and called 3 times just to hear that!...

It was Friday night, and the mood was right, I was going to cab it to drinks with friends even though my budget says get on the bus. So I call them - rings for hours before some random guy in a house picks up sounding like he just woke up. I like to be on time so I called 1/2 hour early and said be here at 7:45PM. He said we don't do that, call within ten minutes when you are ready to go. So I take a deep breath and say ok - maybe these cab services have it down to a science who am I to judge. So I call with 20min to spare, I’m totally ready, I’m a cab driver's dream…Nobody shows up!!!!! I call back to check - after ten rings and another groggy conversation he just hangs up saying he can't find a cab…

I call this taxi company when someone needs a cab at my work.  They are close-by and normally come within 5-15 minutes.  The guy that answers the phone is pretty short, just a little shy of rude, but pretty consistent.  However, when I call them to pick me up at home they don't come out!  By the way, it's the same guy answering all the time??  Granted, it was a Friday night 9:00PM and I did expect a wait.  After 20 minutes I called the dude back...he assured me it was on its way.  After 45 minutes I called back, "It hasn't come yet?" was his reply.  An hour goes by and I call a final time.  "It's on its way."  By this time I'm totally perplexed and pissed!  We decide to call another Company and they tell me it's a 45 minute wait.  We ended up spending the night in with a bottle of wine.  ---, YOU SUCK unless I'm at work.

--- Cab really screwed me and my girlfriend over last weekend.  I called them at 9:45 [PM] and requested a cab to pick us up at 10:15.  The person on the phone rudely responds, "Just call me when you're ready."  And then he hung up.  I called back at 10:10 per his request and said I needed a cab.  He said, "It'll be 30 minutes."  All the while the man on the phone was acting rude and snapped at me when I asked if he needed my phone number.  So that was the first thing that irked me.  I wanted a cab "in 30 minutes" at 9:45.  Instead he makes me call back later to tell me, "30 minutes" what the hell? But then it got worse. So we go outside at 10:45 to wait for the taxi.  Mind me; we're already late because of the jack hole on the phone.  11:00 passes by and still no cab. Finally around 11:15 I call back to ask where our taxi is.  The guy responds, "Oh the other guy doesn't know what he's talking about.  He's just a rookie. I'll see what I can do."  And then he proceeded to hang up on me.  So I call back to ask when a cab's going to come pick us up and he responds, "I don't know dude, It'll be at least an hour."  Are you kidding me?  I'm not going to go out at 1:00 in the morning!  Needless to say, the cab never came and my girlfriend and I were left in the dust.  What a waste of a Saturday night! The people working the phones at --- Cab are worthless.  I don't know how the actual cabs or cab drivers are.  Maybe they're decent, maybe not.  I'm not likely to find out because I will not ride in an --- Cab now because of their garbage office staff.

Last night, my mother (who is a very slight woman unfamiliar with our city) called --- Cab from our TenderNob apartment. She had done the same the previous night, and had no problems. After 20 minutes, we had heard nary a peep, and called --- Cab again to see what was the deal…They said her cab was coming in 5 minutes, and true to form she received that automated phone call in 5. When she got outside, there was no cab to be seen. Minus one for my mother for deciding to walk the streets of the Tenderloin rather than seek refuge in my apartment, but when she called the cab company again they hung up on her. She called again, and again they hung up…I can understand a cabbie getting distracted along the way by tourists, or a trip to the airport, or a young girl in a short/tight/short and tight skirt, but calling a customer outside for no reason is a terrible business practice. Even worse when dark outside and you're calling an older, slighter individual unfamiliar with the neighborhood.

My go-to cab company…I always call these guys first when I need a cab. Of course there are occasions when I can't get through and I am forced to go to the other guys…But not often…Why five stars?...Simply because Friday night at 10 I called, expecting the usual weekend wait as is normal with any cab company in this city, and they picked up after one ring. And were at my place within five minutes…Hell, I hadn't even finished my drink…I should deduct a star for making me chug.

Coming from SF trying to get Oakland after 2am in the morning can be hard. Cabs generally don't wanna go-…The driver was a local SF cat, and while it was busy and other cabs had turned me down on this trip- he said all right- and we headed to the "O'.  Unfortunately his cab got a flat before the 580/24 inter-change, and while he tried fixing it we continued to have trouble. His attitude stayed positive, never cussed me for making him drive me to Oakland, and helped call in a second cab for me - which came pretty quick. They started the fare from there - which is pretty fair to me. His night continued on the side of the 580 as he had to wait for a tow truck- I got home and felt bad for him.  I appreciated though that he kept it real, still took me to Oakland, when others wouldn't- and I got squared away.  Hope the rest of his night/morning was easier. Good looking out Chris - SF local/native because of you, I'll call --- first from now on.