I use van-sized taxis fairly often to move various large items, and in my experience --- Taxi is the only company that almost always has a van available. They are also dependable and usually show up in a reasonable amount of time. In my experience thus far, --- has provided solid and above average taxi service.

The kindest dispatch line I've ever reached.  Today I first called xxx Cabs and requested a van or an SUV, because I needed to get to the airport and I'm a photographer, and I have over 500 lbs worth of equipment, which, needless to say, takes up a ton of space!  xxx said; "Uhhh…I don't really know if we'll have something available.  It might take a while."  They were kind of rude and not helpful at all.  So I decided to call ---.  That's when I got a very kind voice on the other line that said, "Oh no problem!  2pm?  We'll be there with a van!!!"  It was amazing.

…--- is my favorite cab company in town…It can be tricky getting someone to pick up the phone, Hopefully, their new dispatch system will help. Friendly courteous drivers. Dog friendly.