When hiring a cab, you are doing just that. HIRING and paying for their service to drive you from here to there. Last night a few friends and I grabbed a cab on the way out of mezzanine. It quickly became apparent the guy was in a crappy mood. A few blocks down the street I requested that he turn the music down in the cab since it was blaring in my ear. As he said 'No' my friend in the front seat turned it down himself…the driver immediately pulled over and told us to get out of the cab (at Van Ness and Mission at 2:30AM). Agro cab drivers scare me. If I am paying for your service, I have the right to ask you to turn the **** music down, roll up the window if I am cold or request that you do not smoke while I am in the car. In all my years of cabbing around SF, I have never had an experience quite like this. He should be lucky to even have a fare and that we were not a bunch of drunken ***holes. I can't judge a whole cab company on one driver, but people like that just should be in a different line of work of you ask me!

I have to say --- is my faithful cab service... Living out in the Richmond I make the occasional call out for a cab (a.k.a. every weekend). They always arrive, super fast (where as with --- I may wait a while)…Fast service as well to my destination…when I need to go to north beach and the driver takes me down California I want to puke, because it will take 40 minutes. I know I can tell them my preferred route, but they are the cab driver and should know the fast way!!

AUTHOUR NOTE: Geary-Bush is probably faster than California but a lot depends on exactly where the person lives. If you priced the two routes, California is probably only ninety cents more expensive than Geary-Bush and the time differential is probably less than two minutes.