…I just got done from the dentist and since I was there for a while, the weather changed from sunny to pretty darn cold. I didn't feel like taking the bus so I get into the cab in front of the Hyatt. The first thing he does is looks at me and says, "You better not say Union Square." I didn't, but I tell him where I'm going and it obviously isn't far enough for him and he tells me very rudely that I should have just hailed a cab from the street. Hello?? You have been sitting in front of this hotel for how long?

At least I'm giving you business. And the he drives like a mad man. I'm serious. I'm not one to exaggerate and I was pretty scared. When we finally got to my destination, I even gave that _____ (use your imagination) a tip and he was still rude telling me to "watch it" and open the door gently. Never again, cab #---…never again.

AUTHOR NOTE: A particular cab number is not necessarily always driven by the same driver. There have to be at least two drivers associated with any regular taxi (a non-van taxi with a numbered from 1 to 1500) and there can be many more drivers who driver that particular cab with the average being about five. If you are on the street and you see a line of cabs in front of a hotel other than the St. Francis (on the Westside of Union Square) or, even considering the above comment, the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero (Drumm at Sacramento), there is a good chance that the driver is waiting for an airport run. This is about the only time that a cab driver really doesn’t want a short fare. If you’re in downtown SF and you’re only going a couple of blocks, if possible, hail a cab cruising on the street and you’re more likely have a more pleasurable experience.