…you drove by, when I tried to hail you.

AUTHOR NOTE: The cab may have been on the way to pick-up a fare that had called in for a cab. The top light may have been on because the driver does not have control over that other than turning on the meter. The driver may have been on the way to bathroom. The cab has neither a bathroom nor a kitchen and these needs must periodically be addressed. The driver also just may not have seen you.

On my way home from work a --- Cab cut me off at Church and Market.  I had to swerve to avoid being ran over and my front tire got caught in the MUNI train rail.  I flew over the handle bars and slammed into the road.  I cut my hand, knee, and shin.  I still remember the look on the…cab driver's face, because he could have cared less that he almost killed a guy on a bike.

AUTHOR NOTE: Cabdrivers including this author also ride bicycles. Traffic fatalities outrank homicides, suicides, and death in combat as a source of loss of life. Cab driving does show you the fragility of life. NO DRIVER WANTS TO HIT ANYONE.

I don't know if this has much do with the service really, but observing one of their drivers blatantly dropping a bag trash out the window out of one of their hybrid vehicles does not give me much confidence with this company.

AUTHOR NOTE: Cabdrivers usually leave their garbage in the front seat to be cleaned out at the end of a shift, or stick it in the glove compartment where it gets forgotten until some days later when some driver cleans out the cab. As a customer, please take you’re your wrappings and containers with you.

[Some] émigré drivers really don't like dogs… The next fare increase should be contingent on drivers' uncomplaining acceptance of dogs as passengers…I wrote to the taxi commission.  Cab drivers are REQUIRED by the licensing rules to accept people with dogs as passengers…Taxicab Rules and Regulations, Section 6E5 States; A Taxicab Driver shall not refuse to transport any orderly and/or contained animal including, but not limited to, guide dog or service dogs.

AUTHOR NOTE: Not all cultures appreciate household pets. The cab is a small area and in some cases the animal can leave a smell after they have left the cab.

I don't get it. They don't want to pick you up when you're drunk...what do they want you to do…drive?

AUTHOR NOTE: Drink responsibly.

…I hate the cab situation in the city. There's a clear shortage…

AUTHOR NOTE: Did you ever notice how during rush hour, there are just too few lanes on The Bay Bridge? At 3:00 AM the bridge, if CALTRANS is not hard at work, will have very little traffic. The demand for taxi service, like the demand for bridge space, is very unevenly spread throughout the 168 hours of each week. If you are going out a Friday or Saturday night, there is generally a lull in demand for taxi right around 9:00 PM. This is because people going out to dinner generally want to eat around 8:00 PM and people going out to bars and clubs want to start about 10:00 PM. In between these two times of high demand your chances of getting a cab will increase. From my own experiences, if I see a person hailing on the street, I will be unable to drop my fare two blocks away and then return to pick-up that street hail before another cab has already picked-up that fare.