I will try and keep this review mild but it will be incredibly difficult as I am enraged to the point of tears. I accidentally left my wallet in a --- cab at 12:00PM. I called them at 12:05PM. I let them know where I was picked up and dropped off. The woman that answered the phone said that she'd put a dispatch out and call me as soon as she hears something. Seeing as how it had ONLY been 5 mins I assumed that she would call back lickity split as
1. They have a radio.
2. Some of them have a computer screen that would flash the message. Also, I figured that since the driver didn't pick up another fare right away that a passenger wouldn't have had the time to take it.
12:30PM rolled around. I called again. The same woman answered the phone. She said there had been no word.
1:00PM - Called again, no one answered the phone.
1:30PM - Called and got a different operator. He said to call back after 4:30 because that's when the cabs returned and someone would probably notify them of a found wallet.
I got in a cab to return to work and it was also [a] --- [cab]. I asked if a message had been sent about a missing wallet. She said she hadn't heard anything.
4:45PM - Called and got a different operator. THERE WAS NO RECORD OF MY CALL. Meaning THERE WAS NO MESSAGE SENT OUT TO ANYONE.
I can not even begin to describe my seething. All of the cabs are connected to the dispatch. How hard is it to send a message? Yes, I am aware that it was my fault that I left the wallet, but come on. 5 ****ING MINS how could the driver NOT hear it IF it was sent out?

…Absolutely criminal. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN A -- CAB. I left my expensive phone in the back of a --- cab, noticed 15 minutes later, repeated calls to --- elicited no response. Wonder which one of the cab driver's friends has a blackberry now. 

…last night, after hailing a --- cabbie from downtown, I left my rare supafly sunglasses in the back seat.  OH SH*T! To my absolute disgust, when I called --- Cab to recover them, the woman on the line REFUSED to contact the cab driver!  INFURIATING!  What to do, what do, do…I called again and guess what, I finally got through to someone who contacted my driver, Paul.  And this is when I gotta throw five-stars and more at them.  Paul, being an honest and cool guy, contacted me directly and drove to my house to return my glasses. Nice to know that there are some honest people still out there. HUGE TIP for anyone taking a cab:  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS write down the cab number before getting out!

I used to be pretty loyal to ---, mainly because I once lost my cell phone in one of their cabs and the dispatch and driver were both very helpful in getting it returned to me (yes, I did give the driver a reward, it would have cost over $200 to replace the phone). They are also okay with advance time calls most of the time. However, they don't take advance time calls on Friday and Saturday. With the exception of the advance time calls, --- shows up about 50% of the time (and that's just showing up, never mind showing up on time). At this point, I have deleted them out of my cell phone. The sad part is that they do have some very cool drivers (I still sometimes take them from the airport) and it's a shame that I can't give them much more business - their dispatchers just need to do a better job monitoring cabs, assigning calls, and letting callers know if no cabs are available instead of making us sit and wait.

So I give 5 stars for this company...not for the prices because even the rates for a taxi in NYC are cheaper. Not for the frequency because catching a cab in SF is really difficult…Saturday the 13th, my wife and I went to a party and needed a taxi to get back to a friends place. My wife mistakenly left her phone in the taxi…so we called the phone and the driver picked up and he indicated that he would bring the phone to our residence. So he came to the building, but my phone was inaudible and I missed his call. So the next day I called his phone, (I had it in my missed calls list) and he told me that he gave the phone to the lost and found! I thanked him and also apologized for making him come out of his way again…I called the lost and found and left a message and they got back to me bright and early the next morning. I live in the S. Bay so I explained that I would not be able to get up there for a week. They offered to fed-ex it to me and wished me a happy holiday! I just thought that was above and beyond the call of duty, especially since it was us who were at fault. Rockin customer service --- Cab of SF! When I need a taxi in the city, you guys will be the first ones I consider!

I took a cab, with 2 friends, from 16th Mission to SOMA. I was using my phone (iPhone) and happened to leave it on the seat. As soon as the cab drove off I remembered - D'oh!...Called the dispatcher and they called out - nothing. Tried to call my phone - nothing. It had been switched off (and had been full of battery too)…Have been calling lost and found since – nothing. It’s not so much the phone - it’s the photographs I had saved on there of my family that I will never get back. It really makes me sad and angry that a cab driver will see the phone on the back seat and figure 'fair game'. It’s just not fair - people make mistakes and leave things…so do the right thing! I do know that 95%(?) of Taxi drivers would probably hand it in but - reality – it’s that 5%(?), that really leaves the bad taste in my mouth.

…This cab driver pretty much saved me from a mental breakdown today. After a bad bout with food poisoning and an awful day of fighting back the nausea at work, I opted for a cab home in the hope of avoiding vomiting in public...or worse.  The cab driver was nice, fast, and took the best route home.  I got out at my corner, just so thankful to get home.  Walking to my apartment - and S$*^)!  I realize I left my iPhone in the cab.  CRAP!!  With no home phone, I hopped online and had a few friends call the company.  The cabbie picked up after the first few tries, said he couldn't talk because he had a patron in the car and that he'd call right back (bonus points for not talking and driving).  AND, he did call right back (extra bonus points), then he drove all the way back to my hood and dropped it off to me with a smile and an "any time".  Additionally, when I called the cab company and my friends called, they were super helpful and friendly. Thank you, --- Cab for keeping me from s&**ing myself, literally and figuratively.

I left my wallet in a taxi one night and (I think...) I was in an --- Cab so I call 'em up to see if someone turned it in.  The dispatcher transferred me to another person (can't remember his name) who was super nice and helpful. He doesn't have my wallet but helps me figure out if I was calling the correct taxi company.  He asks me what color the cab was and he tells me that it was probably another cab company.  Also, he says that if I they don't have it, then I should call 3-1-1 because all the cab companies have to report lost weekend items by noon on Monday. I thank him and call the taxi company that he thinks that I took.  "I don't see it," the operator brusquely barks and hangs up. Wow!  --- Cab Company was super cool to help me.  In the future, I'm calling them if I need a cab.

Thank you Robert…! You braved the aggressively honking & yelling drivers this morning to safely pull over and pick me up.  You were fair with the fare when considering the traffic we hit on the way to my destination.  And, best of all, you were quick to respond and return the keys I left behind in the back seat of your cab. My day may not have gotten off to the best start, but you truly did an amazing and much appreciated job making it better than it could have been. Thanks as well to the nice lady answering the phones who made a point to call Robert about those keys and call me back with an ETA on return.  I [heart] good customer service.  --- is programmed into the cell phone now :)