This cab company has been very good to me. I always get great service and their cabbies are very sweet to me. If I call they come out within 10-15 minutes. Although when its convention time it can take a good 30 minutes. And they call me when they arrive. I love it when one of the female agents answers my call and says…Hi there. Are you at…and she automatically knows my address. Gotta love the 1st class service they provide.

WOW...finally a cab company in SF that gets it right. I took a --- Cab from SFO back to the city this morning…car was spotless and very comfortable - a huge step up from the old, stinky xxx Cabs with the screeching breaks with all four windows permanently rolled down to air out the smoke smell.  My super friendly, chatty driver was one of the owners of the company. He described their…business model that is poised to succeed as the other cab companies in town buckle under the weight of increasing gas prices.

--- seems to be the least likely to leave you hanging.  If I've waited more than 15 minutes for a cab, I've always been able to call back & have a cab arrive shortly. More often than not, the cabs are clean and newer, and they take credit cards, which is hugely important for me because I always forget to carry cash.

ATHOUR NOTE: All San Francisco Taxis will either shortly or have already upgraded their card processing capabilities. For those persons who can remember, cash is recognized everywhere.

I have to up their rating because the last two times I've called them in SOMA (on Thanksgiving Day and this morning) they have answered my phone call promptly and the cabbie has arrived before I've even made it outside. I realize cabs are hit or miss, but I'm thankful to have been lucky in --- lately!

I've had good luck with these guys.  I live up in the hills by Mt. Davidson, so pretty far off the beaten track, but they still get here within 10 - 20 minutes of my call.  And you get an automated call when they're a couple minutes away, which is nice. 

Although the 5 stars will skew the overall rating for the company, this review is about one awesome driver in particular, Francoise (yes I know the "c" should have a little tail on it, but I am too lazy to cut and paste it). Francoise should give lessons to all other drivers out there.  She was pleasant, engaging, had a wonderful French accent (despite living in the States for longer than I've been alive), and didn't mind when we verbally assaulted her with our horrible recollection of French words and phrases. I wish she could be my driver any time I need a cab, but alas it is not meant to be. C'est d'accord.

I want to officially thank --- Cab for a year and 2 months of service for my intoxicated ass. And while xxx is my all time fave, without --- Cab, I wouldn't have met the following...
-The 59 year old hippie driver who proposed to me after 3 blocks.
-The older lady who told me I probably drink too much and could do better than the guy we dropped off before me…
-The cab driver that pretended not to hear my friend and I have a fake lover's quarrel, but then interjected with little tidbits about local tourist attractions.
-The guy who humored my friend Nish as he went into a soap box-esque b****fest about Gavin Newsom…
-The very, very strange man that pulled over to let me puke and then took me through the McDonald's drive thru so I wouldn't be so hung over in the morning.
-The really cool dude, who didn't charge me the full fare because I realized I didn't have it and told me to just tip the next guy a little more next time.
All of these nights, all of these experiences, all of these delightful encounters that make SF so great. I credit --- Cab with many of them…keep on keepin on.

After attending a wedding on Treasure Island, I tried to get a cab back into the city. --- Cab was the only cab company I called that…I was able to get someone on the phone quickly…{and]was willing to come out and pick us up.

--- Used them for years. Always on time and reliable. The drivers speak and understand English. They don’t ask me how to get to my destination. You get a notice call when they are arriving. The cabs are pretty clean. I use other cab companies if I'm flagging one down and I still think --- is consistently the best.

All-round excellent service and these drivers are some of the few in San Francisco that don't drive like madmen. They are nearly always on time, but bring cash as they generally don't accept cards. One time, a scheduled pickup was running slightly late and I began to get worried. I spoke to the guy at the call center who apologized profusely and, with me on the phone, castigated the driver on the radio. A minute or two later, the car rolls up and the driver is extremely courteous, asking for forgiveness and if he could make it up to me on my return journey.

Driver drove little fast for my taste. He knew the quickest route to my location. Driver was friendly.

I just got off the phone with my brother. He was wandering the streets of San Francisco completely drunk and stupid. He called and slurred the words, "help me back hotel" after he ate **** trying to walk there on his own. I got him to give me the address of the mountain he was attempting to walk up and called ---, gave them his address and name and 5 minutes later they arrived - without incident. That being said, I'd like to apologize in advance to the fine people at ---. Any incapacitated friends I have in the city of San Francisco will now be yours to transport!

Driver Jimmy G. is the MAN! They always come when we call…even when we're out at a bar in BFE Richmond on a random Tuesday night. They're the only folks willing to come and pick us up. I always, always, always call them first. --- hits the bullseye in my book!

The best cab company in town. [I] have used them for a couple of years, always on time and courteous drivers. Last time the driver was rude and did not speak any English, had hard time understanding us, and with terrible attitude.

xxx used to be my company.  They even gave me a lucky special "preferred customer" # to call.  But after the last 5-6 times of 45-60 minute waits to get picked up, even after repeated phone calls, I needed a change.  I did a quick…search & settled on ---. We used them that night & needed 2 cabs.  They were incredibly friendly & fast.  It was a gorgeous Saturday night in the City & the first cab showed up at my Inner Richmond residence almost before I could hang up the phone (and definitely before I could finish my wine).  The 2nd cab took another 20 minutes, but they kept us updated with their progress & apologized profusely for taking so long. I'm a convert…

They stop for me when I flag them down and they pick me up when I call them. This is all I really ask for from a cab company…plus they're still radio dispatched which is pretty cool.

My friendly cabbie told me --- is speedy because they still use a live dispatcher system rather than a computer. Frankly, I don't much care why.  I'm just happy to report I'll never be stood up by a cab again!

So what if most of the cabs they own are a little...dare I say, rundown
…aren't most? The point is that when I call, someone friendly ALWAYS answers regardless of what time of day or night it may be, and they always show up in (usually) less than 5 minutes.  They're quite remarkable that way. 

Again, I love this place!!  The guy always remembers me, and I feel so taken care of.  Who would have thought....from a taxi place?  :)

They are fast.  They are furiously funny.  They are F-ing awesome! I just wanted to go home last night and was having a hard time getting there.  For some reason second that the bars close in San Francisco it also seems that every cab driver on the face of the planet ends their shift. You know it's a bitch to get a cab in any neighborhood of SF at 2:01AM.  You KNOW it. It's even harder to get a cab in Hayes Valley at 3:01AM. But, my hero Amir, called and called and called cab companies for me until he got through to ---. I fully expected to be waiting for eight-gazillion years after he got the dispatcher at ---; but, within five minutes of the call a cab picked me up. Not only did the cabbie (Dave)[Note: Not the Author] get there quickly - he took me home the most expedient route - which you know cabbies usually don't do. You KNOW they don't. Dave was awesome, he let me smoke in the cab and didn't even laugh at how drunkenly incoherent I was when I was attempting to make small talk with him.  In addition, he waited until I got my key in the lock of the door of my apartment before he drove away. ---, keep hiring drivers like Dave, he's a credit to your business…

Hands down, the BEST cab company in the City. Always prompt, always nice. They have friendly drivers who, generally speaking, know what they are doing. There is a significant lack of sketchy to them, and several of them don't even live on their cell phones. I have been using them personally for 4 years and at my work exclusively for one year. Never have failed to make me (or my patients) happy! There is one female driver, a faaaabulous woman named Alicia with big curly hair and a huge personality that truly shines. She has saved my butt about 5 times now when I was about to get into trouble or become stranded somewhere in the city with no help. She -ROCKS-. Hope you get her, because you will never forget it!!

I was once kicked out of --- cab in the Western Addition. Granted, the girl we were with had a bit of a 'tude. But the cabdriver's 'tude was worse. We were all going to different places, and she told him how she thought he should get there, and he snapped at her. She asked him for change when we got to her stop, and he snapped at her. So, she called him an ***hole, and he told us all to get out. They were both ***holes. Another time, though, I got a free ride in an --- cab. I was running late for work, and I flagged on down and asked the driver to wait while I went to the ATM. Well, my bank account was overdrawn, and I had no money to pay for a taxi ride. I told him that I had no money, and sorry for wasting his time, and he said "money isn't everything" and drove me to work for free. If I ever end up in his cab again (with money) he's getting a massive tip.

I'm at work and someone asks me to call them a cab to come at a later time.  "Oh Crap," I think to myself...I asked my coworker for a suggestion on a cab company that could live up to the challenge - voila!  --- Cab! I called, expecting to be on hold forever - NOPE!  Reynaldo talked to me and knew where I needed the cab sent (USF Lone Mountain Campus) and even offered to call me when the cab was on its way.  Talk about going the extra distance.

Rumors are true!  --- Cab takes the prize for providing the best taxi service in the City. I called them during rush hour the other morning in the rain, and they picked me up within 10 minutes. A minor miracle I would say...

I'm not as comfortable in the backseat of vans as some of my former high-school classmates.  That being said…The --- van picked me up in the Western Addition last night TWO minutes after I called. Then, the cab driver and I rocked out to hip-hop and sang at the top of our lungs as we took an $18 joyride. This was the most enjoyable cab ride possible - considering I was alone in the back & considering that I didn't know all of the words to the rap parts, mouthed them, and he didn't even notice…

My experience is limited, but I'm not sure why…--- [is] getting all this abuse in the ratings. I called for a cab in Potrero Hill yesterday, and it was ready for me inside of a minute.  The guy on the phone was professional and friendly.  The driver went an address I know well, and he took the absolute shortest path.

--- rocks, if for no other reason than Buzz Brooks!

AUTHOR NOTE: Buzz is a jazz singer and I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to both hear him interviewed on 91.1 FM, and catch his act in person.

--- saved my night!! After waiting an hour for xxx Cab we called ---. They arrived within 5 minutes. Awesome!! This is my new cab service all the time!

I like --- for…knowledgeable drivers. The worst thing is getting in a cab and learning that the driver barely knows his/her way around the city. --- drivers know this city like the back of their hands. Last night, we were going over to our friend's house…in the Castro, but [it’s] sort of off the beaten track. Usually when I take a cab (that's not ---) to her house, the driver never knows where she lives. They can get us to the general vicinity, but not the particular streets. Our driver last night knew exactly where to go with zero direction from us. Props to you…You can book a cab ahead of time on their website…All their cabs have functioning credit card machines…They deliver you a cab even if you have an out-of-town number…They often have women drivers. 
AUTHOR NOTE: this excerpt from a post does not seem like it comes from the general public.

If you have an iPhone, download Taxi Magic right now and I guarantee your life will be changed forever.

AUTHOR NOTE: this excerpt from a post does not seem like it comes from the general public. I would however be interested in hearing more about Taxi Magic).