--- Cab I'm ending this abusive relationship…I patronized your cabs time and time again.  I defended you when my friends called you flakey. I over-tipped your moody drivers against my friends' wishes.  You arrived late to pick me up and I waited.  I even overlooked that time when your dispatcher screamed at me at 8 in the morning, excusing me of cheating on you with --- Cab and that "perhaps I was mixing up my companies."  As it turns out, he had sent the cab to the wrong address.  Still, I called and placed orders with you…  I understand you've had tons of ex-(drunk, cheap, obnoxious) passengers who have done you wrong.  I've tried to show you I'm different.  After ditching me twice at TOTALLY REASONABLE hours of the day with no call, no show, and no's over. +1 Star for the driver with the ponytail who sells jewelry.  He's a good man and I hope you treat him better than you treated me.

…Of the last 5 or 6 calls I've put in, 3 have been no shows. Somehow you seem to know when I'm in a hurry and that's when your drivers decide to ignore the call…I never blow off a cab, I always tip at least 20%; what else do I have to do to be a valued customer…When I call you after waiting 45 minutes dispatchers, don't tell me that I should be waiting outside my building because someone must have snagged my cab…quite often I'm in the lobby, especially when I'm in a hurry, and if the cab had come anywhere near the front of the building I would've seen it.  No one "snagged" it pretending to be me.  The driver either blew off the call altogether, or picked someone up along the way…

I'm late for a meeting at work this morning and need a quick ride across town. No answer. I tried calling twice :(

I called at 2PM to pick me up at Mission & 29th. They said we'll be there in 12 minutes. I waited 30 minutes, no taxi, I called them again and they said we have a cab on the way in around 10 minutes. I waited another 30 minutes and no cab. I called xxx Cab; they showed up in 10 minutes.

AUTHOR NOTE: At Mission & 29th there will be a number of cabs going north without passengers. It’s well travel route and from my perspective unless I’m really close to this location, I don’t really expect for a fare to be there if I’m more than 3-4 minutes away.

We called this cab company at 9:30 on a Saturday [AUTHOR EMBOLDED].  After waiting for an hour, we called again, and they said to call back in 15 minutes if there still was no cab.  We did that, and when we called back, the man on the phone said that there would be a cab soon. We decided to screw it and took a bus.

50 minutes!!!!!  That's how long it took them to send me a cab.  I first called them, gave my address, then eagerly awaited my cab…it was a Saturday night [AUTHOR EMBOLDED]…If I could give zero stars, I would, but I guess they do deserve one for eventually showing up…And another half for the fact that they take cards and don't give you an attitude for using the card.

I called them three times for a pick up (I waited for an hour), and then they called me to tell me that no one was at the pickup location and someone else took the cab. I told them to cancel the pick up--will never use them again. 

On more occasions than I can even recall --- has taken anywhere from 45 minutes to OVER AN HOUR to get a cab to my house…I live in the geographical center of the city.  The absolute longest it should take for me to get a cab is 25 minutes…Whenever I find myself waiting over a half hour, I always call to inquire about the whereabouts of my cab.  Consistently the operator tells me that they "have not been able to convince anyone to come all the way out to my apartment."  Are you kidding me?  This statement implies that my value to them as a loyal customer is crap…

Waiting for a cab from --- is enough to make a girl lose her will to live…The only reason I keep --- on speed dial is because they accept debit cards (a rare practice)…join us in the 21st Century).  However, after the last three or four dismal attempts to call a cab to my apartment I can no longer continue to employ ---‘s services.

AUTHOR NOTE: As an ex-New Yorker I am more predisposed toward street side flagging than I am toward callout business. None the less people who prefer to call for a cab can do a number of things that will make their cab experience much more pleasurable. If I get a dispatch call with the person’s phone number, I’ll use my cell phone to personally confirm the order. When that happens it’s a personal relationship between the passenger and I, and coordination is virtually 100%. On Friday & Saturday nights there is a high demand for taxis. There are two ways for you to improve your chances of getting a cab. If you live anywhere from the Haight – Castro area and the northeast portion of the city, you are generally within easy walking distance of a street that is frequently cruised by cabs, go to that street and flag one down. If you don’t know where your best location is, ask the driver on your next couple of rides for a suggestion. If you live in another area of the City, start to collect cards and/or cell numbers from drivers. If you find a couple of drivers (and you should have at least one back-up), you feel comfortable with, you can call that driver and offer to pay the additional meter charge from wherever that driver is to your location if they can get there in the next 10-12 minutes. This will probably add about $10.00 to your TOTAL bill but this is a way of getting personalized service.