Cabs are supposed to be fast, right? While this cab service shows up at your door when you call for one, --- Cab Company has the WORST cab service ever. They're never willing to serve their customers' requests.  I was trying to get from the Outer Richmond to North Beach once, and my cab driver was going at about 20 MPH the entire way.  I felt like I was in a snail mobile.  I asked the driver if he could speed things up a bit since I was in a rush, but all I got was a yawn and no response from the driver.  To top things off, when we gave him $25 for a $22 car ride, I waited for my change, and got nothing.  "My change, please." I asked.  "How much do you want back?" replied the driver. !!!!!!!"All" I said.

Cab driver scared the crap out of me with his driving…He did get me to my location quick.

AUTHOR NOTE: One of the problems with driving is that we as human beings are designed to experience the world at a walking pace. Driving speed the rate of stimuli and for many beginning drivers increases the rate of impatience. If you use a little bit of finesse, you can probably get across your request for easing up on the gas pedal without creating an atmosphere of tension.