I called --- Cab because of the good reviews…HUGE MISTAKE!!!...I'm in LA, and my boyfriend's in San Francisco on crutches, getting ready to travel.  About an hour before he had to leave for the airport, he asked me if I could help him out and arrange a cab for him, so he'd have one less thing to worry about. No problem.  I called right away…the dispatcher at --- Cab was snippy with me.  An hour was too far in advance to call, I guess, so he asked me to call back 15 minutes before I needed the cab.  OK, no problem.  Then he told me that rush hour was a really hectic time for them, and since I'd also just told him my boyfriend needed to catch a flight, I asked him if he thought 15 minutes would be enough notification at this time of the day.  He retorted that he'd been doing this for 28 years so he should know.  I thought the response was a little rude given that it was just a simple question, but OK, fine, maybe he didn't mean it to come out that way…So, as requested, I called back again 15 minutes before the pick-up time.  He thanked me for calling back (which was nice, at least) and then tried to hustle me off the phone without asking for a phone number from me.  Since he had said it looked like it was going to rain and my boyfriend was told he couldn't get his cast wet (which I explained), I then asked if I could give them my boyfriend's number so they could call him when the cab arrived.  He said no, because they didn't have the capability to call out.  What?  Really?  I've never had a cab company NOT ask me for a phone number, let alone tell me they didn't WANT a contact number for the person they were picking up. They showed up 5 minutes early and buzzed the apartment.  My boyfriend told them he was coming down, picked up his bag, and came right down - and discovered that they'd ALREADY LEFT! WITHOUT HIM!!! So now he's stuck trying to hail cab, on crutches, in awful weather.   I get that you're busy, --- Cab, but seriously, WTF! - HAVE YOU NO SHAME???

Calling for a ride to the ER, approximately 12:30AM…within 5 minutes we were on our way to the hospital.  Thank you, --- Cab, for taking the stress out of the ride.

…we got a jerk of a driver on the last journey.  He parked in the street although we had luggage, was very reluctant to help until after we did most of the lifting for him, and was just unworthy of his tip.

Seriously, when the driver pulls out a map (while the meter is running mind you) I know it's going to be a long trip…There always seems to be a language barrier too...Last week I called for a cab and was told it would be there in 5 minutes, and 45 minutes went by, I called to see where my cab was and the representative proceeded to tell me that there was no order placed for a cab for me. I was pissed. The only thing I like about cabs are that they take credit cards unlike back in the old days! Cab drivers seem to always be looking for a tip...yeah right! How about get me to where I need to be without burning a hole in my pocket because you don't know your way around town! If the meter says $15.85…I tell them to charge $16.00 that's a whole 15 cent tip!

I hate having to take taxis around the city. I prefer the bus. But on those late evenings when the bus isn't going and you've got no other options taxis are the only way to go. Every time I've taken --- cab they have always either been crazy drivers or rude ***holes. And I know even when I am intoxicated I always pay attention to the taxi cab... why I don't really know. But I do. On a few occasions one driver I swear purposely took us in the wrong direction. On a good note: One driver told me if you are standing in the middle of the road drunkenly they most likely won't pick you up, try to stand somewhere they can easily pull over to.

I don't need to see a therapist, because I take --- cabs. After a stressful week, I go out drinking with friends and then hop into an --- cab. Instantly, the backseat is transformed into therapist's couch. Of course, the therapist may not always understand you, but they know that all they can do is listen...and listen they do. I begin to share with the driver the good/bad events that are happening in my life. Each pivotal moment is described in slightly slurry speech, often beginning with "shee what I'm shaying? he shed I was shpeshul." Since the cab ride takes around 20 minutes, I am able to unload a large amount of information on the poor, unsuspecting driver who was lucky enough to pick up my drunk butt. The Ketel & crans have melted the ice around my heart and transformed me into a seemingly deep philosopher of life and love. Then the cabbie pulls in front of my apartment, rips the money out of my hand, kicks me out of the car, and speeds off without waiting for me to shut my door.

The WORST experience I've had in a cab. The jackass driver was so busy yammering on his cell phone, he didn't even know where he was going. He wanted to know if I wanted him to make a left... at a one-way street... umm, yeah- if you want to drive the wrong way! What and [sic] idiot. He drove recklessly, passed up our stop, threw the car in reverse and was barreling down the street to get back to my stop…it was horrifying. What made it worse, I had my two little nephews under the age of 10 with me. The icing on the cake was when the driver tried to claim that there was a $10 minimum on the credit card. There was no posting of that anywhere and he reluctantly and angrily snatched the card from my hand. I told him to not be rude because I'd report him. He went on to tell me I was rude. What an ***. When I immediately called to file a complaint, the woman seemed so shocked at his behavior and promised that a manager would get back to me. No one did for three days, so I called again only to be told that a report had never reached management. Once I relayed the incident details to the manager, he asked me what I wanted him to do about it… I asked what it was they normally did. He said that it varied and he wouldn't know what they would do until he called the guy, found out who he was and heard his version of what happened. Isn't that rich? Like the buffoon driver would admit to being an ***HOLE…

I had the BEST cab experience ever in a --- cab.  My driver was a lovely lady (I love girl cab drivers), she was friendly, a little kooky in a good San Francisco kind of way...she actually had a flower in her hair...who knows if it was a shtick but who cares.  She was lovely and put me in a good mood all day.  I am going to go out of my way to use --- Cab from now on.

I was reeling from an especially rude encounter with a xxx Cab driver a moment before - the guy signaled, came out to help put my suitcase in the trunk, and as soon as he heard my destination (in SF), he said, 'it's too much of my time, SHEESH!' and then promptly took off. I would've understood if he simply said 'sorry, it's too far out of my way.'  But instead, that added 'sheesh!' was plain rude. So, within 5 minutes, my Knight in Shining --- came to the rescue.  I was hoping not to get a repeat reaction, and instead I got the total opposite.  This man was sooo kind to me.  When I (wishfully) told him I wanted to go to the Avenues, he politely suggested a route and asked if that would be okay, or if I'd prefer another route. He didn't make me feel bad at all. Thank you Rude xxx Cab Driver for giving me the timely opportunity to ride with --- Cab!  I happily recommend them. 

Nicest cab drivers ever.  I was short some of the fare and tip.  I totally lost a $20 somewhere being a drunk ass. I asked him to drive just a block from my apt to get cash at an ATM but instead he said "Don't worry…it's okay!" with a smile!  So I gave him the $8 I had in my purse. Dude…that was the nicest thing ever in the whole wide world.  I hope I lost that $20 in the cab and he finds it somewhere because he totally deserves the biggest tip ever.

I echo all of the other positive reviews about this cab service.  Professional, prompt, friendly conversationalist…Come on, what more could one ask for in a cab service? I made my reservation for pickup to take me from my hotel back to SFO a few hours in advance of when I needed to leave, and about five minutes before the arranged pickup time I got a phone call from my cab driver informing me that he was parked across the street.  A cabbie that's early? Inconceivable! It's a good thing that a friend recommended that I reserve a cab in advance. Apparently it's extremely challenging to flag down a cab in downtown SF during the evening rush hour and on top of that, catch a cabbie willing to go out of the way to SFO.  My driver made a similar point of stating that I was quite wise to pre-arrange transportation, because I would have likely had a severe challenge in finding it on the fly.  I'm all about absorbing wisdom from those who know better than me, what can I say?

I have to agree with the rave reviews for --- Cab. Very nice drivers. Smart and upbeat without being all talky-talk. Also clean, reliable…cabs.

These guys run a "--- cab" service…I just took one home tonight June 03, 2007. Driver was nice, cab was beautiful, and the guys rock for having such a great idea. Keep it going!  FRIENDLY DRIVERS.  Oddly enough, their drivers speak English, are friendly…decent leg room. I noticed that the passenger seat was pulled forward which impressed me. The cabs are clean. The drivers are not ***holes…Like the one who called me "putta madre" when he tried to play chicken with me as he was to impatient to wait behind a slow moving vehicle.   Amazing what a gas pedal and a horn will do…Bet he didn't expect that…***hole…Yeah, my car has some scratches and dings on the front end…Bring it on!!!!

AUTHOR NOTE: This is a good heads-up for cab drivers to keep in mind that for a person driving their own car, in many cases driving is not job, it’s an ego involved personal experience.

I took --- Cab for the first time after several horrific, nauseating xxx Cab experiences.  I was so relieved that the driver wasn't plugged into his cell phone during the trip.  He listened to where I wanted to go, and asked if I had a preference on which route to take.  His driving was courteous without being unnecessarily slow, and I arrived to my destination feeling fine, not the least bit nauseated - completely the opposite of my experiences with xxx. 

Cab broke down on 280 in the middle of the night.  Stuck in cab with two little kids for almost an hour.  Cab driver continued to drive down 280 without lights!  I understand that things happen…but…I ended up paying MORE than I would have for a normal cab ride home.

AUTHOR NOTE: While I certainly do not endorse the behavior described above, one of the things I always say that shows you’re a “real cab driver” is the ability to drive the cab using other cars headlights to help see the road.