I have loved you for a very long time and have sung your praises to many, many people. Not anymore. In the last week, you have stood me up twice and left me waiting for more than a half hour twice. And today when I called to check status, you hung up on me. I'm going to find another cab company.

Waited an hour for what would have been a 5 minute ride after being told they'd be there in 20 minutes. After giving them an extra 40 minutes, I called back and no one answered after about 15 rings. The second time I tried, I was told they didn't know what happened and they couldn't reach the driver. The first guy I spoke with was short and cut me off. The second gentleman was at least pleasant!

I tried calling a cab to my house & their response was "It should be there in 10 minutes. If it’s not, call us again". I waited…& I waited…& I waited…then I called them up again. Still the same stock response…I need a cab to get me from A to B. If you can't pick me up at a reasonable time from A, how can I get to B?

How cool are these guys. And expanding in SF!  Awesome!  Dispatch wasn't totally unreasonable, and every time I've called I've gotten a --- Cab, not anything else (like some horror stories here).  Though, they will be partnering soon with a different cab company that is "better" (according to the cabby). There have been a couple times that I've called and not gotten through to anyone…hmm…Otherwise, go --- Cab!

…I called these guys on a Saturday morning, 7am.  I asked how long the wait was for a cab to the airport.  The guy starts interrogating me:

xxx:  Why?  Did you already call another place?  You called another company, right?
ME:  Uh, no. You guys are the first I called.  It's just, I'm in a hurry, so I want to know how long. 
xxx:  All right, fine.  It should be about fifteen minutes.

Well, okay.  I told the guy okay.  But I was running late, so I called --- to see if they could do it faster, and they could. Now at this point, a lot of people would just take the second cab and screw the first company entirely.  I confirmed this with my --- driver, actually -- he said it happens all the time. Being the nice guy I am, though, I don't think that's cool, so I called xxx back to do the courtesy of letting them know.  I even spent $1.75 to do it, 'cause I had to call directory assistance to get their number.  You know what the dispatcher said to me? "You're a f'ing a'hole," and hung up. Ever had a proprietor call you an f'ing a'hole, when you haven't done a thing to deserve it?  Doesn't he know that's bad for business? 

I'm making the switch to --- Cab!  From now on, I'll always call --- Cab first. Today they arrived in the pouring rain in the promised 5 mins.  The driver was a great driver who provided excellent service- actually came to knock on my door and then opened the car door for me…What's not to love? After a long day of travel, work, and lugging baggage, I was ready to high tail it home.  --- Cab came to my rescue~

Here's the bottom line:  My experience with the dispatcher at --- Cab was so horrible that I will NEVER use their services again.  My advice to you is to call another cab company first, then call --- Cab as a back-up in case the first cab never shows.

Finally, a --- alternative.  Actually, anything that can put a dent in --- Cab business is fine by me. My cab came quickly when I called (although I did have to leave a message and have them call back).  But, considering --- doesn't show up at all when calling for a cab, that isn't a problem for me.

I am giving it 2 stars just for the timely pick-up (indeed the cab driver called us and was waiting for us 5 minutes before schedule time). HOWEVER…the cigarette smell is just unacceptable. It STANK!

As far as cab companies go, this one is definitely the most reliable. Although you might get an annoying "this phone is out of order" message, it really means they are just busy, so call back…I've probably called them 50+ times and they have only disappointed me once by not showing for over an hour. Every other time, they come very quickly, or on Friday/Saturday nights when you expect a wait, they are at least the quickest.  Be prepared though -- still have half of your pre-game drink to go? Wait before calling -- they'll show up before you finish. I often get fun drivers who play cool music and sing along, or at the very least, the silent type who don't bother you with inane questions or try to hit on you.

These guys are pretty good at showing up on time. However, they can be difficult to get a hold of if you want a cab…soon.  It took me at least 10 tries to get though after much dialing and busy signals. Then when I got through they couldn't hear me (no, I was on a land line so connection is not an issue).  Repeat another 10 tries. When I did finally get through it was no problem to get a cab and they showed up in 15 minutes as estimated.

--- are my main form of vehicular transport in San Francisco (walking is my main form of transport).  I can call on their regular number and get a taxi within ten minutes almost always. I really appreciate that the majority of their drivers do not have any problems with communication and most of the cars are in good shape…

"Hey Baby, where you at?" This was how my friend's call to --- Cab was answered last night.  Apparently she is a priority customer because she used to take cabs to work everyday.  I guess that means you get special service, including cute little nicknames like "Baby" and "Sweetheart" …they picked us up pretty quickly and even let us choose the radio station, so 4 stars in my book…

My BFF stayed over my house after having a bad day. She didn't want to take the bus home so she decided to call the --- Cab Co. The first time she called the people at --- Cab were very helpful and friendly. But what a turnaround this time around. After taking down the information my friend was giving the guy receptor, he abruptly hanged up on her. He even had the nerve to say, "All the way out THERE?" Jerk. After waiting for twenty minutes, my cell phone rang and an automatic machine told us that there were no available taxis that was near my area. WTF? Yeah, right. Thanks for making my friend's day worse. --- Cab Co, you deserve zero stars but since I can't give you that, you get one star for even existing in our city.

Dispatch is always very rude when they answer the phone, and I never get to give additional details if necessary, like "have the driver ring the bell" or "please call me on my home phone when the driver arrives" etc.  Sometimes you have specific needs depending on your location. The drivers rarely say a word to you, as they have ALL been talking on their cell phones the entire time I've had the displeasure to be in a --- Cab in the last 6 months.  Also, the drivers seem to think there's a fire somewhere, as they all drive WAY too fast for no reason, in my opinion.  I took 2 cab rides of note with --- Cab back in September.  From the airport, I thought the driver was going to smash right into stopped traffic on the 101 going into San Francisco.  I actually had to shout "Stop, stop!"  He continued on his phone conversation, and didn't say a word to me, not even thanks when I paid him, plus a tip, and got out at my destination.  My bad for tipping. The other trip of note was on my way to dinner with my boyfriend.  We were heading out for a nice, relaxing meal.  The driver picked us up and proceeded to floor the gas pedal to each stop sign down Union Street, and slammed on the brakes at each one.  He nearly hit pedestrians - Union Street always has lots of people walking up and down.  By the time we got to the restaurant across town, we were both nauseated and not in the mood to eat anymore. I've usually been left waiting for quite some time for --- Cabs as well. Every time you call to check on the cab, they say that it's on its way.  From where, San Diego?  Don't take them if you are on a time schedule or want to arrive with your lunch still inside your stomach… ---

I called to get a cab 45 minutes in advance. The dispatcher was extremely rude and abrupt by telling me I should call them when I am ready to go. Did he actually think I would call back? I called xxx Cab after that. Customer service was MUCH better.

OH MY GOD!!! the service is horrible! I mean over the phone. the representatives are HORRIBLE!!!! not the first time. every single time when I call them, the rep. is means and impolite!!!!! Hey. remember, I pay for that, OK?? I am the customer. Why you have to have that kinda attitude??? because you don't care about me as a customer only spend $ 25 for every trip???? TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 45 minutes, I called back to see where my cab was and they said 4 minutes. Another 15 minutes I gave up and called another cab company.

I live out here in the Sunset, and I called two hours ahead out of prior experience (I was hoping my prior experience was an isolated incident...)  When we called to check the status of our cab, the lady told us she just started her shift. Total BS. She was the same one that took our order!  And she proceeded to give us attitude… 

I HATE --- cab. My friend called for a --- cab to pick him up so he can go to my house and pick me up as well. It took MORE THAN ONE HOUR for a --- cab to show up at my friend's house. Note that my friend lives in the FiDi [AUTHOR NOTE: The “FiDi” is, according to my research, San Francisco’s Financial District which has tons of cabs either in front of 555 California, cruising along Kearny Street, and in front of the Westin St. Francis in Union Square], not some ghetto neighborhood [AUTHOR NOTE: I guess the writer feels that if it were a ghetto neighborhood it would be more acceptable]. I have a couple of friends that drive --- Cab and they drive safely. But there are SOME --- cab drivers out there that always get into car accidents who drive really fast or crazy. Trust me, I've seen these things. Despite all this, --- cab is good because there's a lot of them out there. It's good for if you're drunk and can't drive. That way you don't risk getting DUI and you're ensured a safe trip home (assuming that the --- cab driver is a good one). And you also don't risk your friend(s) lives if you were supposed to drive them as well. It's actually kind of romantic and classy to take the cab with your significant other (well in my opinion)…Just don't expect a --- cab to show up anytime soon after you call. I would recommend trying to flag one down on the street instead.

They rarely answer their line, and when they do, they're surprisingly rude.  I've come to expect the rudeness from cab dispatchers, but I do find it odd that they can't hire someone to answer the phones.

Most of my experience with -- Cab is calling for a pickup at my place in Nob Hill. I swear...9 times out of 10 they're there with in 5 minutes or less (excluding Friday and Saturday nights where I don't even kid myself with calling a cab, I just walk up to Polk St.). The operators are direct and to the point when you call in, being friendly is not their forte.

I've tried calling them to get my patients a ride home when another (ahem...---) doesn't show up at the allotted time. Today, I called and the other company showed up after I cancelled them. The dispatcher told me "next time you do that, cancel the other company first before calling us because it wastes my driver's time and gas if we're already there." understandable, then I stated that I had already cancelled the other company they came anyway. Then she went on about something about "taxi karma" and blah, blah, blah. I tried to explain to her that I called them AFTER I cancelled with the other company. Then she seemed like she was frustrated trying to "explain" to me "taxi karma" and said "Whatever. Thank you" with so much attitude. --- cab, I tried to give you a go, but this is the last time. No longer will I ever call you, especially if you have THAT very RUDE dispatcher.

Once I called and got a --- cab.  most times I call and either 1) no one answers, or 2) some rude dispatcher answers and sends some regular…cab, which I guess is OK. I like the idea, but the execution is lacking

DO NOT TRUST --- CAB WITH A CORPORATE ACCOUNT!!!!!!! One dispatcher in particular is RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, AGGRESSIVE, AND DISRESPECTFUL. HE WILL HANG UP ON YOU, REFUSE TO PATCH YOU THROUGH TO A MANAGER, AND WILL TALK OVER YOU. I don’t understand customer service! When did customers become the enemy?? It’s almost as if this company believes they are the only cab company out here. I’M A NATIVE NEW YORKER SO I HAVE HAD MY SHARE OF RUDE CABBIES, BUT --- CAB OF SAN FRANCISCO TAKES THE CAKE!!!!!

--- would get one star, but when your competition is xxx and xxx, your score goes up…-- has never ignored me for hours, as has xxx, and never claimed that I wasn't there when they drove by, as has xxx.  Hence their extra two stars. Their dispatchers are courteous…They are, however, totally capricious.  Some times you wait for a few minute when you call, sometime a hundred minutes.  This is a systemic problem with all cabs.  Apparently, the dispatch system relies on individual drivers accepting the call and, then, actually following through on it…Finally, like all SF cabs, -- drivers consider the Sunset to be the equivalent of Queens in NYC.  Nobody wants to go there.

AUTHOR NOTE: This person has a grasp of the problem inherent in the dispatch system. Also, those persons usually comparing San Francisco service unfavorably with that of New York City, have probably never tried to catch a cab in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island. 

Best cab co in the city. Best dispatchers very nice and funny. They call you when the cab is outside and they always pick up the phone. The Sat, Sun, Monday night dispatcher is… [a deity].

I was devoted to --- cab because of a few positive experiences and consistently prompt service....until one horrible experience changed everything. Recently, I called --- cab from my home in the outer Sunset. The seemingly friendly operator said that the wait would be approximately 15 minutes. No problem. That was a typical wait on a busy evening taking into consideration the distance of my home. 30 minutes passed. I called --- back. The same operator apologized and said that he was having a difficult time finding a driver to head out to my area. He begged me to wait for 5 minutes and promised to call me back. About two minutes later, he called as promised and said that someone in the downtown area had committed to pick me up! I was thrilled and relieved but very late for my dinner party. Ten minutes later, I heard a honk and behold, a --- cab was waiting for me in front of my house. I thought it was suspiciously quick for someone arriving from downtown, but I didn't care and hopped in. Half way to my destination, I received a phone call. It was the --- Cab operator. "Where are you?! Your cab arrived and is waiting on your street." I replied, very confused: "I am already in a --- cab that showed up on my driveway." The operator swore under his breath in frustration. "Ma'am, I’m so sorry, but can you ask the driver for his cab number?" So I asked my cab driver and he recited a string of numbers. I repeated the #s over the phone. The operator cursed again, said that the numbers were fake, and once again demanded the cab number. My driver then, muttered "uh…lie to him. Tell them you're in a xxx cab or xxx or something." The exasperated operator finally hung up, although he took the time to apologize to me. Suddenly I heard the operator's voice on my driver's dispatch radio, talking to all of the --- cabs out there. "I'm going to find you, you f'ing S.O.B.! Someone drove all the way from downtown to pick up this girl in the Sunset and another ****ing…heard the call and stole his client! **** ****, you're never going to work for --- or this town again once I find out who you are!" My driver then said…"The operators are Nazis about who gets the right to pick up a certain person. If this happens again, lie to the operator and tell him you found another cab service. Don't tell him you're really in a --- cab."  What the hell? I arrived to my destination an hour late, shaken from that experience, and unwillingly caught in the middle of a cabbie war. This was the first time in my life that I did not tip a driver.

AUTHOR NOTE: A cab from downtown is called to the outer Sunset? Unless both the downtown cab and the destination are very, very close to a Highway 280 entrance/exit, it doesn’t seem quite right. The driver may have had a legitimate point.

Best cabbies in the city.  After you use them a few times (and don't flake on your cab requests), they recognize you as a reliable customer and give you first name basis service, always calling when your cab arrives…how my calls usually go:
Cab: "---"
Chris: "Hey, I need a cab over to 18th and Valencia"
Cab: "No problem Chris, you at home?"
Chris: "Yeah"
Cab: "Great, cab deployed"

Today, I called --- Cab and after 1.5 hours of waiting, 15 disconnected calls to the company and a few blatant lies from their operators about 3 taxis being on the way they never showed up. 

I have had it UP TO HERE with cabs and their staggering lack of efficiency! I've been waiting 40 min for the cab I called, I'm late for work, and each time I call them to see what's up I'm told one is "on its way". This sucks…

Service is almost never nice over the phone. And now they tell me they don't take calls going to the Pier anymore [AUTHOR NOTE: If this is Pier 39, just go to the very busy taxi stand at the entrance]? WOW. Not the most reliable or on time.

I thought --- Cab was a dream come true. On Friday night, in a moment of need, I was proven wrong. I was in the…cuts of Potrero Hill, [and] called ---, and the dispatcher laughed and said "Hah! Good luck." WTF kind of response is that? I had to ride the 22. THE BUS. And I had to wait for it for like an hour. Truth be told, I'll probably have to call these ***holes again just because every other cab company completely sucks as well…

…Called an hour ahead of time for a car to pick me up for the airport. Got a confirmation callback, and was pleasantly surprised…Then, the incredible happened: about 20 minutes before the scheduled time, the driver left a voicemail for me saying she is so sorry that she's going to be 5 minutes late, and she apologized THREE TIMES!!! Turned out she was only one minute late. The ride was very pleasant, the car new and clean. The driver made sure to ask my preference for radio and temperature and was super personable and fun to talk to. She told me how --- Cab is trying to really focus on customer service…When we arrived at SFO, she jumped to my luggage before I could get to it and--get this--GAVE ME A HUG!!! I know this is SF and all, but a freakin' hug from your cab driver, people?!? You've made this jaded New Yorker appreciate a cab ride again…

Good cab company, arrive when they say they will, they actually answer the phone, nice drivers…always the one I call first.  Don't use xxx Cab unless it's the only cab you can find! Give your money to a company that is actually nice and knows how to treat customers.

…great cab company, friendly drivers, wayyyy more reliable than xxx cab. I’ve called xxx cab so many times and the driver has taken 30+ minutes to show up. I called --- and a cab was here in 5 minutes. THANK YOU WHOLESOME --- CAB COMPANY!! YOU ARE RELIABLE AND FRIENDLY.

Despite the fact that the dispatcher was MEAN, I'm just surprised that the cab we called for on a Friday night in the Sunset came at all, since the Sunset is the dread of most taxi drivers…I've had past experiences where I've called for a cab and it just never showed up.  ---'s dispatcher was just plain rude, but the cab came so quick that we didn't even get a chance to pre-drink before the bar!  We called before we were ready to leave because we figured it would take awhile.  With three ladies trying to get out the door at once while simultaneously putting their heels on, our driver was a bit impatient.  I think he forgave us though.  No small talk, but the ride went smooth. We went from the Sunset to North Beach and the ride went pretty fast. The next time I need a cab --- will be my first choice. As for the angry dispatcher...wouldn't you be angry too if it was a Friday night and it was your job to arrange for cars to pick up other people who are going out to party?

Not the usual “Hi. Would you like your cab at this address? Push 1. Instead I get a Rep on the line asking me for the address and [who] then tells me, I have been blocked. I ask: Blocked? From what…she says from getting cabs, you fool…

AUTHOR NOTE: Where are they now? Well, at least we know what Lawrence Tero is doing. :-)

Despite the fact that the dispatcher was MEAN, I'm just surprised that the cab we called for on a Friday night in the Sunset came at all, since the Sunset is the dread of most taxi drivers…I've had past experiences where I've called for a cab and it just never showed up.  ---'s dispatcher was just plain rude, but the cab came so quick that we didn't even get a chance to pre-drink before the bar!  We called before we were ready to leave because we figured it would take awhile.  With three ladies trying to get out the door at once while simultaneously putting their heels on, our driver was a bit impatient.  I think he forgave us though.  No small talk, but the ride went smooth. We went from the Sunset to North Beach and the ride went pretty fast. The next time I need a cab --- will be my first choice. As for the angry dispatcher...wouldn't you be angry too if it was a Friday night and it was your job to arrange for cars to pick up other people who are going out to party?

AUTHOR NOTE: Imagine if you will that the people who work at dispatch are normal people. So then what could make the situation consistently so unpleasant? The use of dispatch as opposed to a street hail introduces a third party into the cab riding experience. The person at dispatch does not always have power in the interaction yet they are always, from the perspective of the customer, at least on a verbal level, responsible for the provision of services. In any situation in which you are held responsible but yet don’t have the power to implement the solution, is bound to lead to frustration.