These past 2 months have had me working longer, arriving earlier, and leaving later.  Hence the stack of cab receipts piling up on my desk.  I've also had the displeasure of riding in more --- cabs since they are one of the few who takes credit cards…Every time I've used a card for my --- rides, there's ALWAYS something wrong with their machine.  For the most part, it's just a matter of waiting a long time for it to go through.  I don't know about you, but that kinda defeats the purpose of a cab vs. MUNI if you're sitting in the backseat, waiting, and waiting …Then, not only do they run the card through their machine, they also get a carbon copy of the card, and have you sign it.....why the duplicate process?!?! Didn't you just run my card through your Dark Ages machine?? Now you're going back to paper?? Get to the destination, swipes my card…ok…then the next routine, taking his

sweet ass time to rummage through his bag and find his carbon swiper…come on now, I'm already late...clocks ticking, plus a line of people outside waiting to hop in. Nope, doesn't make him move any faster…okay…now he's aligning my card and paper he's practicing origami… finally gets it.  I sign it…should be good…right?...How wrong I was. "The machine isn't working…yeah, the machine isn't working, I can't run the card through…nothing I can do, want me to drive you around to find an ATM?" "Ok, well, that's not my problem.  I took your cab cuz you guys take cards and I didn't have cash, and I took a cab cuz I was late. I don’t have time to go around finding an ATM. If your machine isn't working, that's not my problem." "No!, that machine isn’t mine…that's not my problem if it's not working…"…I lost it somewhere there and gave it to him like there was no tomorrow…A couple minutes later I found myself getting out of the cab with my card in hand…not knowing if I was actually charged for the ride…Their credit card machine is horrible…The drivers are slow to process your card.

There are new computer terminals being introduced to the cab business that are much quicker at processing credit card transactions. The new terminals are dark grey and squarish as opposed to the older terminals which are light grey and more oblong. It also helps to tell the driver before reaching your destination that you intend to pay by card. This will enable the driver to start the machine process during your journey and if help minimize the blockage of traffic. In addition, you might want to consider paying cash payment instead of a credit card. Cash is recognized everywhere.