Student Testimonials

After taking your course and passing the Police Department Taxicab driver test on August 20th, I also took your advice and went personally to [Cab Company] to see about a driving job for them. I was hired and did my first two shifts last weekend. Thanks for your help and maybe I’ll see you on the road. – Pat Conley


Cab College gave me some valuable lessons in driving the mean streets of San Francisco. His laid back course allowed me to develop at my own pace. I recommend his course to anyone who has the desire to earn some bucks. I have been employed for eight months. Thanks David. – Delano Seymour


Excellent communication, friendly service provided throughout the course. Loads of information provided, [through] user friendly study materials. David goes out of his way for students. [He] takes [them] out to the Airport and walks through the entire process (this step is very useful and he will permit his students to come as many times [as is necessary] to learn the airport route…David’s class taught me a lot about taxi driving but it is important [that] you take the initiative to learn. It helps to drive around the city and find some of the locations. Overall I would highly recommend Cab College to any individual who has the interest in learning the streets and trade. – Mashool Dilshad


The course was very informative regarding SF taxi rules and regulations, city streets, points of interest, hotels, government building etc; David made sure the information was understood which he mentioned should help more than just studying for the Police exam. I feel that after taking the class at Cab College, I’ll be a good taxi driver – Piyush