As Madeline stepped out of the terminal, she knew something was wrong. There was pretend happiness etched on her daughter's face, but in her eyes was sadness. Throwing off all pretenses, she walked to her child and hugged her.

MADELINE: Honey, what's wrong?
Then the tears came.
DAUGHTER: It's…it's…it's…my…cab company!
Madeline rolled her eyes, 'Not this again…she thought.
MADELINE: What happened this time?
DAUGHTER: I called for a cab…and I got stood up! AGAIN!


These past 2 months have had me working longer, arriving earlier, and leaving later.  Hence the stack of cab receipts piling up on my desk.  I've also had the displeasure of riding in more --- cabs since they are one of the few who takes credit cards…Every time I've used a card for my --- rides, there's ALWAYS something wrong with their machine.  For the most part, it's just a matter of waiting a long time for it to go through.  I don't know about you, but that kinda defeats the purpose of a cab vs. MUNI if you're sitting in the backseat, waiting, and waiting …Then, not only do they run the card through their machine, they also get a carbon copy of the card, and have you sign it.....why the duplicate process?!?! Didn't you just run my card through your Dark Ages machine?? Now you're going back to paper?? Get to the destination, swipes my card…ok…then the next routine, taking his


From the perspective of outsiders to the taxi industry, customer service is perhaps their foremost concern. The comments contained in this section are feedback from people who rode in San Francisco taxicabs. These comments were taken from a website, and they have been edited for brevity, with names of specific color schemes, cab numbers, and in most cases, individuals names deleted (except where an individual driver was praised) deleted. Where appropriate, the selections have been corrected for spelling and punctuation while, inappropriate language (curse words) has been either deleted or altered. In every situation, no attempt has been made to distort the general message of the posting.


I have loved you for a very long time and have sung your praises to many, many people. Not anymore. In the last week, you have stood me up twice and left me waiting for more than a half hour twice. And today when I called to check status, you hung up on me. I'm going to find another cab company.

Waited an hour for what would have been a 5 minute ride after being told they'd be there in 20 minutes. After giving them an extra 40 minutes, I called back and no one answered after about 15 rings. The second time I tried, I was told they didn't know what happened and they couldn't reach the driver. The first guy I spoke with was short and cut me off. The second gentleman was at least pleasant!


I called --- Cab because of the good reviews…HUGE MISTAKE!!!...I'm in LA, and my boyfriend's in San Francisco on crutches, getting ready to travel.  About an hour before he had to leave for the airport, he asked me if I could help him out and arrange a cab for him, so he'd have one less thing to worry about. No problem.  I called right away…the dispatcher at --- Cab was snippy with me.  An hour was too far in advance to call, I guess, so he asked me to call back 15 minutes before I needed the cab.  OK, no problem.  Then he told me that rush hour was a really hectic time for them, and since I'd also just told him my boyfriend needed to catch a flight, I


Cabs are supposed to be fast, right? While this cab service shows up at your door when you call for one, --- Cab Company has the WORST cab service ever. They're never willing to serve their customers' requests.  I was trying to get from the Outer Richmond to North Beach once, and my cab driver was going at about 20 MPH the entire way.  I felt like I was in a snail mobile.  I asked the driver if he could speed things up a bit since I was in a rush, but all I got was a yawn and no response from the driver. 


While waiting alone for the bus on Eddy Street a --- Cab pulls into the bus stop lane.  I thought this cab driver was going to be generous and offer me a free ride or so since it was so early in the morning.  --- Cab Driver asks "Can I give you my number?"  Me: No! Thank you (and I wave him away).  --- Cab Driver: "Did you hear me? Can I give you my number? You're not from this neighborhood are you? I don't mean to scare you."  Then he gets out of his cab, walks up to me in the bus stop hut and asks the same question about five times.  --- Cab: "I saw you walking down the street so I decided to follow you and you're HELLA short! So am I!  That is why I want to give you my number. Am I scaring you?"  Me: No, I'm married.  --- Cab: "Oh well can't say I didn't try."