Frequently Asked Questions

1. I know San Francisco well; do I need to take the class?

The better your geographic knowledge and 'people' skills, the more you can earn. Bring us good knowledge of San Francisco and we'll enhance it and help you focus on how to use that knowledge to make money while teaching you other elements of making money driving cab.

2. I just moved here - can I drive taxi?

Absolutely. When you complete the class you will have a base of knowledge that will enable you to make money beginning your first day driving and on which you will be able to build every shift that you drive.

3. How many cab companies are there in San Francisco?

There are 34 cab companies in town. San Francisco Cab Companies

4. When I finish the class, will I get my permit from the City?

Over 95% of Cab College graduates have passed the city exam exam and gotten their permit to drive from the City.

5. Will I get a job?

Cab drivers are independent contractors who rent their cabs, usually by the shift. Due to the severity of the current recession, getting a job driving a taxi is no longer automatic. It will take a bit of searching but diligent pursuit of any and all opportunities should land you a job with-in 30 days of passing the city exam.

6. My DMV isn't completely clean - can I still drive cab?

If you have a DUI on your record, you cannot drive cab. If you have other violations on your record, be sure to bring your DMV with you to class the first day so that we can give you an accurate answer.